Regulatory assistance that maximize cost reports, medical education, and regulatory benefits

Reimbursement principles should be viewed as an extension of your strategic outlook.  Every operational decision should consider the impact to cash flow from regulatory guidance. The difficulty of changing regulations makes it a challenge for all providers to keep up with this environment.  LMC’s team has individual expertise in multiple areas to help providers benefit from assisting your team in filing data reports to assessing past activities for appealable rights.

Financial services to improve cash flow initiatives

Nothing is more critical to a business than their cash flow.  It is what helps to keep moving forward to achieve your mission.  Cash flow is more than just dropping a claim and receiving payment.  There are a number of critical areas that impact the successes of how that happens.  LMC’s strategic advantage is their team comes from the provider environment. We understand the uniqueness of your operations and can identify where those critical areas might be.

Successful transformation through interim leadership

LMC understands that any type of change requires considerable resources - financial, labor, and emotional. When change is on the horizon, additional leadership can help ensure that projects receive the attention and expert oversight needed to achieve the desired and sustainable outcomes.  Interim executives and leadership can make the difference between success and failure.

Education of reimbursement and financial concepts to your team, senior leadership, and trustees

Understanding the numbers is not just the responsibility of your finance team.  Every leader involved in any level of decision making should have a comprehension of how it will impact all aspects of your business. LMC can help connect the dots between cost, quality, and growth so each decision naturally reflects your complete mission. Consider a full day training for your trustees.

Managing risk adjustments in Medicare Advantage programs in at-risk models

As of 2014, 30% of the 54 million Medicare populations are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans, a drastic increase from 13% 10 years prior; and the number is expected to be on the upward trend.  As providers negotiate more Medicare advantage contracts, they are also moving from “no-risk” model to “shared savings” and “at risk” models.  In order to be profitable in “at risk” models, providers must manage through shift from quantity to quality; understand role of risk adjustment in the Medicare Advantage programs, HCC risk scores, risk scores in benchmark periods and performance years. We offer a unique blend of products and services, all designed to help you navigate the changing payment landscape in healthcare understanding your risk levels and who your customers are.