Understanding employee healthcare cost


Employer groups work closely with health plans and insurance agents to ensure they have the best offerings for their employees. Unfortunately, healthcare costs keep rising and employers are not seeing significant improvement in the health of these employees.  Because the team at LMC is from the provider community, we understand the mission and direction of programs developed by providers to improve the health of their community. We have the ability to analyze the factors that impact your employee health and provide effective initiatives towards improving employee welfare. This gives you the understanding of where the best areas of investment are to maximize returns in your employee’s health.

How we can help

·      Ensure your employee health benefit package provides the right health & welfare benefits for the type of employee population and gives a return on your investment.

·      Assess if a narrower network can provide better coverage and services for your employees.

·      Understand how the change with Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) can benefit your organization.

·      Measure the risk in shared/at-risk benefits in your population.